Akademy Records Releases new video by Bae Gii for the single 'On You'

​R&B fans want that old thing back, and Bae Gii is going to give it to them. Her new release ‘On You’ produced by Mini on the Boards, don’t we just love when the sounds of R&B and Hip-Hop merge? It’s always the perfect verse over a tight beat.

​If you think R&B is dead, think twice. Bae Gii is a former girl group rapper turn singer, and is emerging as one of R&B’s saviors and will soon be joining the ranks of R&B’s next generation. R&B’s freshman cohort is breathing life back into the fading genre and Bae Gii is at the top of her class. Reminiscent of 90s R&B in its prime, she is all we loved about it. A little bit of edge, all the soul, and the perfect mixture of rhythm + blues. Her new single ‘On You’ has already generated quite the buzz, and fans are highly anticipating her accompanying video release.

​Bae Gii is what R&B fans have been longing for, with her sultry voice and unique style she is sure to revitalize the genre. She is the missing piece, and her fans can vouch. With her popularity growing, and music being streamed on all major platforms Bae Gii will soon be a household name dominating the R&B charts. Get hip.

About Bae Gii:

Gianni Chatman better known as Bae Gii is a Pop R&B singer, songwriter and actress. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts she now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. At 16, she formed the girl group B.O.Y. an acronym for Be Only You. B.O.Y used their music to spread love, positivity, and to address bullying. The group signed to AkademyRecords but later disbanded. Bae Gii is now focused on her solo career and will add to her growing list of accomplishments. She has opened for Lil Kim, performed at Birthday Bash Atlanta, and toured nation-wide. She released her first single in 2019, and later won best new artist in 2021 with Meet The Underdogs.

Brought to you by Akademy Records.

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