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JIZZLE, Hip-Hop/Indie Artist, Releasing Promotional CD on 7/17/2014, Stand Real The Leak

Talented and versatile artist, Jizzle, is set to release promotional cd “Stand Real The Leak” on July 17th, 2014, a prelude to his highly anticipated “Stand Real All Alone” mixtape, which is set to release later in the fall of 2014.  “Stand Real The Leak” will consist of 13 original tracks that are composed of melodies originating from Old-school Soul, Smooth R&B, Hip-Hop, and Down South Country Rap Tunes styles of music.  Jizzle displays his versatile ways of creating choruses on the project in songs like “Ms Stay Cummin” and “Jockin”, for he delivers an R&B/Hip-Hop type of patterns in “Ms Stay Cummin”, and he creates a straight forward down south club banger type of flow in “Jockin”.  The project will feature a bonus track from an up and coming East Oakland artist Eli-Bop titled “Kick Back”, for Eli-bop and Jizzle have collaborated on multiple songs prior to this release, and some are set to release in the near future.

The Mississippi born artist, Jizzle, is the founder of Genuine Thugz Alwayz Ent, which is a publishing company for musical, books, and filming arts.  Jizzle also serves as a member of the “Genuine Thugz” rap group.  Jizzle is definitely a known face when it comes to Genuine Thugz aka GT 7-20, but Jizzle makes it clear that the Genuine Thugz wouldn’t be possible without the original members he met in Chattanooga, Trigga and Slim, which he calls his Genuine Brothers.  However, Rich and Dun Dada also joined the GT roster recently.  Genuine Thugz can be described as urban, intelligent, musically enhanced individuals that came together to express their lifestyle perspectives in their music.  When asked Jizzle quickly stated that the concepts behind Genuine Thugz is much bigger than him, for he refers to Genuine Thugz aka GT as being a lifestyle, and 7-20 as being the movement or constant progression between him and his Genuine Brothers.

On the other hand, Jizzle’s “Stand Real The Leak” will feature Lynn Tate, Summer Azul, Eli-Bop, Platinum Tha Dark Prince, Rich, Slim, and Trigga.  Well known producers C-Sharp and Tha Truth produced the majority of the tracks listed on the project.  It’s not surprising that Jizzle would pursue a music career, with his father being one of the best lead guitarists in Mississippi, and having 3 sisters that were all members of different choirs or groups.  Jizzle is excited about releasing “Stand Real The Leak” on July 17, 2014 on Live mixtapes and more downloadable sites to give his fan base or followers quality music to listen to and to expand his audience.  You can follow Jizzle @iamgtjizzle on twitter and Instagram or Genuine Jizzle on Facebook.  You can also view Jizzle’s biography, music, and videos at,, and by searching Genuine Jizzle on reverbnation and soundcloud.

Booking: (423)314-6421



Twitter: @iamgtjizzle

Facebook: Genuine Jizzle


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