Check Out Super Giant Ent. - The Zoo Hosted by DJ TIMBUCK2 (Mixtape)

Super Giant Ent.

The Zoo Hosted by DJ TIMBUCK2


@DJTimBuck2, @StackOrStarvDJs, @TheHoodGeekz & @SuperGiantEnt

[Mixtape] @SuperGiantEnt. Presents "The Zoo" @DJTimBuck2, @TheHoodGeekz, @StackOrStarvDJs, via #StackOrStarve
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01. LoSho - Watch Me Blow It (5:11)
02. Loco Animal - Go Stupid (2:56)
03. Super Giant Ent. - Dave Chappelle (Skit) (0:34)
04. The HoodGeekz - New Heat (Feat. Loco Animal & Greezy E) (3:26)
05. Vada Vada - Cuckoo (Feat. Loco Animal & BasikDaKidd) (3:37)
06. GT - Tear It Down (Feat. BasikDaKidd) (3:10)
07. Super Giant Ent. - The Biggest Homie Scony Skit (0:48)
08. Loco Animal - Easy (Feat. BasikDaKidd) (3:22)
09. LoSho - American (Feat. BasikDaKidd) (3:16)
10. Super Giant Ent. - Big Homie Scony Skit (I Ain't Done) (0:32)
11. Pretty Aveena - Wreckless (2:08)
12. The HoodGeekz - Zoolu (Feat. Loco Animal, Vada Vada & LoSho) (4:16)
13. Super Giant Ent. - Big Homie Scony Skit (We Told You) (0:36)
14. Loco Animal, BasikDaKidd & Swoova - Glory (4:16)
15. LoSho - Anti-Sober (Feat. Fiel Kent) (2:18)
16. Loco Animal - Bandz I Don't Need (Feat. BasikDaKidd) (3:12)
17. Super Giant Ent. - Big Homie Scony Skit (The Zoo) (0:30)
18. Vada Vada & Zo EastWood - T.R.U.E Gang (Feat. DJ Bandz & BasikDaKidd) (3:28)
19. BasikDaKidd - I'm The Man (Feat. DJ Bandz, Loco Animal & Vada Vada) (5:15)
20. The HoodGeekz - 4 The Ratchets (Feat. King Louie) (4:04)

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