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B. Rich

Entertainment mogul, Tara Thomas Agency has made news by recently signing Rap Musician, Benjamin Rich (popularly called B. Rich) to its PR FIRM.  

B. Rich, a hip-hop singer from the petite city of Akron, Ohio was born and brought up in the down side neighborhood popularly called “Goodyear Heights”, where Goodyear world headquarters is domiciled.

B. Rich, a 2007 graduate of East High School while growing up was fond of playing baseball which earned him accolades, including offer of scholarships to play at the college echelon. B. Rich’s hope of excelling in sports came to an abrupt end at age sixteen when he ran into troubles occasioned by a regrettable incident where his girlfriend committed suicide. This led to serious challenges he could not figure out and he consequently lost his scholarships, and was compelled to serve ten months term in a maximum security prison for juvenile offenders.

 Despite these impediments, B. Rich remained undaunted as he ventured into the music industry He began creating his own music in 2010 in partnership with a friend of his called Young Man. The duo did their first joint venture “Barney and Friends” in the beginning of the year 2010.and dropped their next project “Spy vs. Spy” later that year.

As B. Rich discovered his talent he became more purposeful and decided to venture into the solo artist direction. His efforts paid off in the beginning of 2011, when he did his first solo project tagged “Higher Learning” This announced him as a solo artist. The success of this project propelled him to do his second solo project “Focused Living Young” same year, after staying 110 days in the “Orianna House”. After his debutant mix tapes, and a number of videos for songs from the project, the ebullient B.Rich connected a tour with Chevy Woods; He went on subsequent tours with Juicy J, and   Machine Gun Kelly respectively.

In 2012 B. Rich also performed at numerous platforms at South by Southwest and in September of 2012 he put up his third solo project titled “Maxine Place”, which was released on This project hosted by Coast 2 Coast, facilitated B. Rich’s rise in publicity all over the country. B. Rich, during the summer of 2013, added “Maxine Place 2”, also hosted by Coast 2 Coast mix - tapes into his repertoire. B. Rich is expected to release his latest project titled "Visions" during the summer of 2015.It is projected that as B. Rich continues a meteoric advancement in his career  he is bound to feature in  tours, festivals, showcases which would ultimately build his record. As a rising Rap star, B. Rich does his utmost to make it through thick and thin and hopes that his story will be an inspiration to others.

For Interviews Contact Tara Thomas

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