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Indie Artist Jacques Johnson Discusses His TV Show, Prince and Free Spirit

Brilliant in his right, Prince’s death is not just a tragic loss to his fans, but also a significant loss to Jacques Johnson (pronounced: Jhock Johnson), a young artist who is rocking the Atlanta suburbs with his exceptional hits. Jacques is renowned for his brilliance and boss attitude which separates him from other indie artists and recently, he expressed his devastation for the passing of the legendary Musician after having had a special parcel from his camp last year.

Jacques’ dad is a true Prince fan and Jacques grew up a fan too. This led his manager to send a copy of his freshman album, “New Jerusalem” to Prince’s camp. Months later, Jacques received a copy of the “Hit N Run” album by Prince with a sticker that read “Million $ Show.” Jacques’ dad immediately popped in the CD and the “Million $ Show” note turned into a reality with special lyrics such as “Turn the music up because I can’t hear Jacques in the back of my plane” ringing out loud and they all listened to this song over and over.

It might seem that Prince’s song is ended, but his melody lingers on, stated Jacques. I contrive to keep the “Million $ Show” CD close and treat it as a sign that Prince, the Legendary Musician gave me the thumbs up in his true fashion.”

Jacques has been making big moves independently with his provoking, original melodic single, “Waves”, opening for Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash Block Party, and inking his own television show, WHO IS JACQUES JOHNSON. He is passionate about reaching and inspiring his fans through his incredible singles which nourish the soul, fills the man's spirit, and keeps the body alive in a fascinating way. When Jacques released his independent freshman album, his incredible talent became so evident that everyone recognized him as a particular type of artist. Even, the press nicknamed him “any genre” because the album gave a little something for everyone. Now his sophomore album "Free Spirit" is even more interesting. Jacques Johnson has a cover where he has two hearts highlighted on his chest. He states that his sibling who died before he was born has a spirit that looks over him and he feels a connection.

Jacques Johnson’s TV show will feature his indie squad, who are interesting in their own way. We will get a taste of Rich Kids Hollywood meets Hip Hop. Not only Jacques Johnson but his team, Brialise, Zach, Nick, Bryan, Kia, Quincy and Kayla, along with various colorful promoters and consultants will all be household favorites. With Jacques Johnson’s sophomore indie album on the way, we can only imagine the uniqueness and real music that awaits us.

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