Check Out The Infamous 40 Glocc Strikes a Deal with Tara Thomas Agency!

The Infamous 40 Glocc Strikes a Deal with Tara Thomas Agency!


25 July, 2013 - The sensational superstar, 40 Glocc is signed up for grand promotion by the Tara Thomas Agency. Finally everything is on paper and sealed! The infamous yon ju (Japanese for 40), simpler, 40 Glocc is joining others like Tboz, Turk, Wooh Da Kid, Zaytoven, and other top artists, to get promotion from the legendary media giant - "This is the year for the agency!"

Yon ju is a well known and celebrated rap artist. A drop by at his Twitter page today @40GLOCC revealed a whopping 52,761 followers and an incredible 39,471 Tweets. These figures are not for the fellow you just met on the road in the neighborhood! 40 Glocc is fully geared and available to schedule performances and shows everywhere and anywhere around the globe. Anyone who wishes to grab him live can reach Tara Thomas Agency.

It has not been a smooth ride for 40 Glocc; at one time The Game got so rough he played a game on him and The Game got himself sued! He says the rapper jumped him for "entertainment purposes." 40 Glocc succeeded in winning the lawsuit by default. A word to the wise be careful what you do to and for people “For Entertainment Purposes”.

40 Glocc shared the reason for the suit with “As far as the lawsuit, I looked at it as what he did. He didn’t do that as no street sh@#. I looked at it more like he did it as an entertainment purpose,” 40 Glocc explained. “So if it’s an entertainment purpose, ‘Hey, I’m an entertainer. I get paid to entertain.’ You made that fake *** movie, and made a fake *** edit. Lied about everything that took part, but you did it to assassinate me. And as an entertainer I’m like, I get compensated. You know I do movies. I have done movies, films, TV, videos. So I get paid to entertain on that side of it. At the same time I seen it like, if that was some real beef and it wasn’t for entertainment purposes, you wouldn’t have recorded no track like that and put it out, because that’s like letting the authorities know.”

About Tara Thomas Agency (the LLC)

Tara Thomas Agency, originally the renowned Thomas PR Group 1, has transformed and evolved into a multi facet international outfit, passionate about business, diversity and strategy and providing top of the range services to countless industry professionals.

The clientele of Tara Thomas Agency is growing exponentially – they provide value! The client base is packed with international superstars like B. Martin, Jae Mac FLG, Debra Antney, Lil Scrappy, Momma Dee, Morg Parks, Sara Shulevitz NBC, Short Dawg, T-Wayne, Tboz, Turk, Zaytoven, the list can be longer.

“We have the best security company on our team, the hottest models for print or videos. The list of top notch producers, actors and rappers alike one stop does it all.”

Tara Thomas is also an accomplished Casting Director for feature films.

Media Contact

Phone: 678.723.TARA



Get your next project distributed at @Raphenom.

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