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UrVision Productions Presents: Tzu Hef - T.H.O.R. The House of Rothschild, the critically acclaimed album from Arizona Rap Legend and International phenom Tzu Hef. The album is bringing major attention to Tzu Hef and UV Productions and features street anthems Narcocorrido, Tony Killed Manolo, Monkey See Monkey Do; as well as Club bangers Where Them Pretty Girls @ and Spend Some Paper. Def Jam/Disturbing The Peace recording artist Willy Northpole makes a special cameo in the Narcocorrido music video and stamps Tzu as the next to blow in the rap game. Follow The Black Rothschild Dynasty on Twitter @TzuHefner @YoungOnassis, Instagram @JefeZayed @YoungOnassis and on Facebook Album entirely produced by Young Onassis for UV Productions.

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1. Tzu Hef - Monopoly (The Game of Life)
2. Tzu Hef - Money Gunz Carz and Bitches
3. Tzu Hef - Monkey See Monkey Do
4. Tzu Hef - Barbaric Brutality
5. Tzu Hef - Tony Killed Manolo
6. Tzu Hef - Liberace Diamonds
7. Tzu Hef - Ballin Is A Habit (¥£$)
8. Tzu Hef - Round and Round
9. Tzu Hef - Take That Take That (Diddy Voice)
10. Tzu Hef - Narcocorrido Interlude
11. Tzu Hef - Narcocorrido
12. Tzu Hef - Where Them Pretty Girls @
13. Tzu Hef - Rosicrucean Music
14. Tzu Hef - Spend Some Paper
15. Tzu Hef - Joe Dancer
16. Tzu Hef - Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams
17. Tzu Hef - Drug Dealer Car Interlude
18. Tzu Hef - Drug Dealer Car
19. Tzu Hef - Aint No Hangin Interlude
20. Tzu Hef - Aint No Hangin
21. Tzu Hef - A New Way
22. Tzu Hef - Eat Pray Love

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