Chegg Tutor Wrongfully Terminated For Refusing OPTIONAL Background Check

On August 16th, one day after a Chegg tutor referred to as Anthony, received an email from Chegg requesting an optional background check that he declined, he was wrongfully terminated. He had been a top rated tutor on Chegg for several months after being referred by his sister, who is currently a tutor. The message stated his account was deactivated for multiple TOS violations, none of which occurred. Anthony requested a further explanation of this because he knows he didn't violate any of there terms and received a reply stating that "we will not be providing any further documentation for this case."

"The decision to deactivate your account is final. We’re sorry for any inconvenience or frustration, but we will not be considering your account for reactivation. Please refrain from contacting us regarding this case as this is the final decision."

The company failed to specify or give an example of which TOS were violated and when asked for additional information Anthony was told not to contact the company anymore because no information would be provided. After sending multiple emails, they finally replied saying that a violation that occurred was low feedback ratings. However, this is completely false as Anthony was a top ranked tutors on the site with 41 positive ratings and 4 negative ones, that's a 91% approval rating so there claim holds no merit. 

This can only lead to one logical assumption, Anthony was fired for refusing to do "an optional" background check.

It should also be noted this company has no direct phone number for Tutor support, only a phone number for students who are paying for the tutoring services. Thus, this makes getting in touch with someone near impossible. In addition, there are numerous complaints on websites such as Glassdoor referencing employers not getting paid from this company.

To top things off, when Anthony attempted to update his PayPal email by contacting Chegg well before his weekly payment was to be processed he received an email stating the PayPal email he provided doesn't match his name and isn't registered to him. However, the account is fully registered to him and is under his name. He sent them a screenshot showing this and attempted to explain that it in fact his account. They, however, didn't reply and thus Anthony is still owed money from this company for his tutoring service.

To summarize, this is a horrible company to work for and they terminate employers without providing any reason why, even if they are still owed money. There business practices are unethical and everyone should refrain from doing business with this company.

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