Digga Famous Ft Starlevel “ Again “ @Starleveltv @Digga_Famous

It's about that time of the year for Digga Famous to enter the New Month Music chat with a track. The US Nigerian - born star Ugo Uvuka Popularly Known as Digga Famous is continuing his Fargo ways by putting out music and right on time, he delivers "Again ." Featuring his Alternate Ego name StarLevel.

The production is reminiscent of a trap beat but Digga Famous or StarLevel  is clearly giving a nod shine to the song. The song's arrival comes out good with a flow mix-dropping words arounds the beat in English and Igbo back and forth as the song goes along.

Digga Famous once again showcases his versatility as he moves from his Afro beats and displays his rap skills. He's been laser-focused on his career as he fights to get back his verified IG handle which he claimed was hacked by Instagram. Digga Famous dedicated fan based continue to support his efforts even as he go through these complications.

Quotable lyrics

Did it again, did it again 

Got another house, got anotha car 

Came from bottom,lee lu mu anyi 

Got another hater, I don’t give a fxxk 

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Twitter: @Digga_Famous @Starleveltv

Instagram @starleveltv @Digga_Famous backup @diggafamous

Follow @superstarlevel https://youtu.be/GROKLIovN8s

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