Hip Hop Smartphone Network Revolution!

Are you looking for free mobile service with unlimited talk, text, and data? Well you are ready to join Solavei. Be ready to get the advantage of being a Solavei Social Member. Be sure to watch this video http://youtu.be/N1JzoXNTlmI and visit our website.

Musician Cee Lo Green is among a group of celebrities who are in support of Solavei. He recently performed at the Solavei launch party at the Experience Music Project in Seattle.

Actor Stephen Baldwin says that the company’s goal is to touch as many people as possible and help them “get blessed from it as much as they possibly can.” He calls the service the “real deal” and notes that it is “going viral really quickly.


What is Solavei – it’s a new mobile phone service that is unmatched. In partnership with T-Mobile, Solavei is be offering $49 unlimited voice, data, text, 4G nationwide, no contract! They rely on its customers to market Solavei and in return, shares revenue monthly with its members. "The company is changing the way Commerce is done thru what's call Social Commerce", says Anthony Coleman a Solavei Partner.


Unlike Walmart's AT&T-powered Straight Talk, Solavei runs on T-Mobile's 4G network. You can bring your own unlocked GSM phone (like, say, an AT&T iPhone), paying just $9 for a SIM card, or choose from around eight unlocked, unsubsidized handsets sold via GSM Nation. These include the Motorola Defy ($205), HTC Amaze 4G ($345), and the popular Samsung Galaxy S III ($575). (Interesting side note: If you use PayPal, you can get no payments and no interest for six months.).


You have the option to earn money when you share Solavei with others who want to save money and eliminate their mobile phone bill. You can become one of our first Thousandaires. That’s someone who makes at least $1,000 per month residual income, by helping people save money with the Solavei system!

So if you have been watching Solavei and waiting for the right time to jump in, or if you are seeing Solavei for the first time to become part of the social revolution called Solavei ... and do it with a top Solavei team, scroll down to find our more about me, our Solavei team!

The SmartphoneNetwork4G.com Solavei Team

I have to say that Solavei is the FASTEST and EASIEST way for the AVERAGE person to make ABOVE AVERAGE income ... PERIOD!

So ... if you think you missed the boat, you are dead wrong because we have people coming on board our team with NO experience, pulling down some amazing income and some have already become members of the Solavei 1K Club and are earning $1,000 a month OR MORE in just two three months, in their spare time, quickly and easily with Solavei.

The time is NOW ... it's easier than EVER to succeed in Solavei! WHY, because EVERYONE needs what Solavei has. Away to save and make money on something we use every day of our lives!

If you want to just save money on mobile phone cell service. Join Solavei!
If you want to ELIMINATE your mobile phone bill by helping others? Join Solavei!
If you want to create multiple streams of RESIDUAL income? Join Solavei!
If you're looking for an honest, respectable, profitable home business? Join Solavei

And more importantly ... to really succeed in Solavei you need to connect with a leader, mentor and team that KNOWS how this works and can show you step by step how to succeed, and we are that team – Smartphone Network

To find out more about Solavei and why you should become a member of our Solavei team, visit us.

Visit now http:/solavei.com/cgordon and LIKE US on FB http://facebook.com/296304480488451


Contact me by filling in the short form on the website. I'll be more than happy to give you all the information and facts so you can make a well informed and well educated decision on Solavei. I look forward to chatting with you and working with you very soon as part of the Solavei Social Commerce Revolution!



#1 – What If I’m In A Contract With My Current Carrier? All carriers let you break the contract by paying an early termination fee (typically $100 – $200). Look at it this way: If you’re currently paying $120 per month for your cell phone service and with Solavei you’ll only be paying $49/month, that’s a savings of $71/month! By breaking your contract and paying the early termination fee you actually be SAVING MONEY.

#2 – Why Are The No-Contract Phones More Expensive? I hate to break this to you, but you’ve been duped, bamboozled, and penny pinched by your current cell phone company. It’s true! They shackle you a high monthly fee for service by offering you a free phone every two years. Hold on to something because I’m going to do some math that will rock your world:

Big Cell Phone Company (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint) – Phone cost – FREE Monthly Plan – $120/month. SO….Total 2 year cost including phone and plan = $2,880.

Solavei – Phone cost – $300 (for example) Monthly Plan – $49/month. Grand total for 2 years…(drum roll please) = $1,476. That includes the cost of the “expensive” phone.

So, let me spell this out for you…

That “Free Phone” your current company is “giving” to you is actually costing you ($2,880 – $1,476) = $1,404!!! Did you catch that? You are getting hosted by your current carrier and they don’t think you’re smart enough to see past the bright shiny free phone. Well, now you know better. B.Y.O.P. (Bring Your Own Phone). Bring your own smartphone or iphone to Solavei.

#3 – What Kind Of Support Do You Offer Your Team? Honestly, Solavei is one of the easiest home businesses to grow into a large residual income because the product makes so much sense.


Get your next project distributed at @Raphenom.

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