Goddess Daye combines neo-soul with hip-hop and Gospel roots to deliver original sound

EAST ORANGE, NJ – Goddess Daye is a musician whose artistry is wide and diverse. A singer who knows how to rap and express herself through poetry, Goddess Daye is one of those one-of-a-kind artists who sets the tone for a generation and whose voice inspires change in the lives of people worldwide.

Her new EP, “Ear Therapy,” is a testament to the power of her words and music. A mixture of neo-soul, hip-hop and Gospel, the project incorporates a little bit of every influence from her life – from relationships to faith to cultural and societal issues.

“I want to step out of the box of what’s being heard in the now and focus on what’s deeper,” she said of the EP. “A lot of our music today only goes on the surface, but to go deeper than the surface always touches home. I’ve found that there are different types of copying through life, and for most people the ear and our sense of hearing is one of the first steps toward helping with a therapeutic way of coping with life. Combining music with that healing ‘Ear Therapy’ makes sense to me.”

The project will feature eight songs and is available for download across all digital distribution sites. The first single from the EP is a song called “Stand Up,” featuring Billboard P. The song was written and performed by Goddess Daye and produced by Young Roc – with a music video for the single directed by Bill Workz. The song is one that she says is about “standing up for what you feel is right and what you believe in and not standing still.”

“Walk for what you feel it’s right,” she said, “whether that’s poverty and doing something about it, or really anything that involved taking a stand in a positive way. This song examines that idea through a mixture of a lot of genres – neo-soul, spoken word … I even do a little scatting in there. It’s like old-school scat mixed with a new-school feel. And there’s some hip-hop in there. I would compare it to Jill Scott and the way she scats, with some Lauryn Hill on the vibe of it, and a little bit of Queen Latifa on the message.”

Goddess Daye elaborated on the message of the song, saying it’s based on the oft-overlooked “poisons” of society and how too many people shrug those things off without doing anything about them. The music video, for instance, highlights the problem of poverty in the U.S., and how apathetic many people are in their view of the issue.

At the end of the day this single, like all of her music, is something that she hopes connects with a wide range of people and inspires them in ways they may have never considered before.

“I just want them to get it,” she said. “Everybody goes through bad things, and music is the way to get through those times, in my experience. No matter what bad situation you’re going through, if you listen to a word or two I say – or a beat or frequency – and it helps, then I’m happy. I always go off a vibe when I create music, and I hope five-to-10 years from now the vibe I set sticks.”

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