#IndieGrindSpotlight on KID CAROLINA New Mixtape 'NAPPY ROOTS

Kid Carolina aims to inspire others with new mixtape while also highlighting hometown

GREENVILLE, NC – Treyvon Spruill – AKA Kid Carolina – has a mantra he lives by and which permeates all of his music: DEMOW. It stands for Doing Everything My Own Way. It’s a message he hopes to spread around the world – one that tells others that they should feel free to chase their dreams and ignore anyone who tries to bring them down. For those who adhere to this mantra and want to join the movement he’s creating, he considers them part of his GANG (Going Against Normal Guidelines). And he’s sending a shout-out to that gang with his new single, “Crew.”

“It’s a song that shows how important it is to have people who support you around you,” Kid Carolina said. “It’s a song about how important it is to show respect to your peers and how to celebrate accomplishments and have a good time. It’s shedding light on people you have fun with and share success with and have a good time with. It’s definitely an upbeat, party song. And to be honest, when I first got the track I didn’t know which way I was gonna go with it. Initially it wasn’t a track I would have selected as a debut single. But I let my people listen to it – as well as others in the industry whom I respect – and everyone said it was a hit. So – just like the song says – My team’s honesty is a big part of my decision making.  I like to keep positive energy around.”

The single is the first off an upcoming mixtape that Kid Carolina is calling “Nappy Roots,” which he is releasing under his independent label, DEMOW Music. He hopes to launch a Nappy Roots promotional tour this summer, starting in Los Angeles. Like his stage name, the project is one that he hopes will highlight the unique talent and originality that flows out of his home state of North Carolina. The mixtape is slated to drop on April 20.

“it’s a mixture of hip-hop and R&B influences, but it’s very melodic,” Kid Carolina said of the forthcoming mixtape. “It’s something that everyone can relate to. Being from the struggle, I’m writing music about how you have to build something every day, in some way, just to learn who you are. And once you know who you are, you can tackle the things that will help you to become a better you. It’s a project that serves as a fusion of the two worlds I bring together and the way I do it – my very Southern influences and the different eras of hip-hop and R&B that I like to draw from. And at the end of the day it’s a project that is just musically gathering the people together. I want them to get inspiration from it. When you set yourself to do something and focus on it, you can get it done – no matter what anyone else says. Music happens to be my thing, and I would hope to use my music to bring inspiration to do everything your way and be cool with the way you see things in your life.”

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