#IndieGrindSpotlight on TEACH New Single 'Peta Pipa' ft Jaguar & Maurv

Professional skateboarder brings positivity to the world with new album, ‘Have a Good Day’

TACOMA, WA – Professional skateboarder turned musician Brandon “TEACH” Lomax is set to launch his first full studio album later this spring. “Have A Good Day” is slated to drop by the end of May and will feature 13-to-16 songs that are all about “spreading positivity and helping uplift people.”

For the past decade, TEACH has been a professional skateboarder – complete with sponsors and his own line of gear in stores all over the country. He recently finished a pro tour, which was unfortunately cut short due to a broken ankle. But the down time has given him an opportunity to focus on his second passion in life: music. Having grown up with a musical family – his father was a musician who traveled the country and introduced his son to some influential people in the industry – TEACH has always had a foundation in music. But it wasn’t until high school that he really started exploring his own voice. His skills as a skateboarder and as a musician almost went hand-in-hand – with his music serving as an autobiographical account of his journey through life, told through the parks and professional venues in which he found himself competing. So it makes sense that his first album will be an introspective look at his life, with lyrics and vibes that he hopes will connect with others who are seeking something to uplift them from the hardships of life.

“I’m a believer in spreading positivity and helping uplift people,” TEACH said. “Because of that, I tend to say ‘Have a good day’ a lot – like when I’m hanging up the phone or just walking away from somebody after a conversation. I just want to leave them with a good, positive vibe in the air. There is a lot of negativity and distractions out there in the world that keep us from being better and growing. And with this project I really wanted to focus on instilling into people that they can be something – that everybody has a purpose on this earth. And at the end of the day I hope everyone has a good day.”

As fans listen to it, TEACH said he fully expects to take listeners on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. He explores various relationship dynamics – from first love to breakups. And he uses the roots of grunge from his home state of Washington as the backbone of his unique sound – which he calls grunge hip-hop. But his fashion sense and style don’t always match the type of music that he creates, which often turns heads, he said.

“When people hear me or see me, I tend to turn heads,” he said. “I wear skinny jeans, but my music is very hip-hop and lyrical. I stand out on my own. Everything from my style is relatable. Everything out of my mouth and everything I do is genuine and myself.”

“Peta Pipa” is the first single from the album “Have a Good Day” and it is now available on all digital download sites. TEACH said it’s a song that is more of a “catchy club vibe that is made to get people to loosen up.” He thinks the song is perfect to introduce his new album with and he’s excited for a wider audience to hear it.

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