Is Delaware Hiding Emile Danero, The Next Future Hip Hop Star?

Permanent Muzik Signs Award Nominated Hip Hop Artist "Emile'

Lancaster, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2014 -- He's been called one of the most complex and talented of emerging musicians of the day. As a bigger push, today Iden Emile James also known as Emile or Emile Danero has just joined Permanent Muzik, according to Henry Short, CEO of the company.

Short said this mutual decison will allow him to invest his time and energy on this new artist that he sees to be promising and “beyond the word talented”. Emile is currently managed by Jacob Capp, CEO of Emg/Universal Group. Emile was nominated the most Orginal Male Artist in 2012 by the UMA'S and has been seen and heard on BET, Shade45 Radio, Worldstar Hip Hop, Hip hop weekly magazine and much more. He is a strange character to many and displays many different versatilities and characteristics that some call a "beautiful insanity." From soft harmonizing to hardcore and disturbing rap lyrics, Emile seems to have a natural ability to manipulate and master all forms of music. From mental institutions to church and religious backgrounds, the rapper's life seems to have been as dark and as versatile as his music is. "He is the next big thing" says Short in a recent phone interview. Emile also has been labled as "The All Alone Boy" for his unusually long isolation periods from friends and family for what he calls "alone time and thinking time.” Next, the artist completely shuts down all of his social media -- his Facebook page can stand deactivated for months at a time. "People call me and text me and message me all the time looking for him especially women. He like just shuts down when he feels like it so it kinda makes him more exclusive because he will come out the blue and show his face so rarely that when he does actually show his face it's like a big deal or something. Dude has turned down interviews and everything just because, I dunno man he's truly a nut and if anyone has actually lived in the same house with him they'd know how strange he really is,” says a close friend of the artist. His reclusiveness is an odd but powerful tool he possesses next to his pure talent. "The fact that he is so anti-social is actually a good thing because it makes his presence as a whole more desired. The feeling of wanting something One can't have then getting it once in a blue moon is like a constant tease and draws them in over and over" says Short. When asked about what the plans of 2014 will be for the label and Emile, Short says, "We've got big things planned and some big names are behind this artist. People really believe in him but we won't talk too much. One will see for themselves what were are going to do.”

Information on Permanent Muzik And Label CEO Henry Short
Permanent Muzik is an independent Record Label formed in 2002. Henry Short Jr. aka (JR) the CEO has been involved in numerous events, music projects and various media productions. From his early days at Tyrannical Productions in 1997, to Seraphim Records in 1999, to now at Permanent Muzik, JR is a mindful student of the music industry. Never afraid to take risks and ready to introduce something new to fill the void has always been this motto.

JR has found success being a manager and motivator of artists. The creative challenge of introducing a new sound or a niche genre has helped him realize his entrepreneurial dream of launching Permanent Muzik.


1st Round Ballot Nomination The Grammy Awards – West Coast Muzik Volume II Executive Producer/Studio Engineer – YB – “Why Believe” (Music CD) Executive Producer/Studio Engineer – The Magnificent Seven –“Deal or No Deal” Founder/Partner – ARM Music Group Founder/Partner – Vida Records Executive Producer –“I Go Hard” – YB (Music Video)


The 36th Annual People’s Choice Awards – Nokia Theatre (Dressing Rooms Coordinator)
Executive Producer – West Coast Muzik Volume II (Music CD)
Grammy Nomination Concert – Club L.A. Nokia (Production Assistant)
Executive Producer – West Coast Muzik Tour (Concert Series)
CEO – MVP Music Studios
Partner – Holy Jamz Music Promotions


BET Awards –The Shrine Auditorium (Dressing Rooms Coordinator)
The 51st Grammy Awards – Staples Center (Dressing Rooms Coordinator)
Executive Producer/Studio Engineer – Armor of God – “Under The Blood” (Music CD)
35th Annual People’s Choice Awards – The Shrine Auditorium (Dressing Rooms Coordinator)
Executive Producer –“Sunday Morning” – Armor of God (Music Video)
Executive Producer – Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration – Palmdale Playhouse (Concert Series)


The 50th Grammy Awards – Staples Center (Dressing Rooms Coordinator)
The ESPY Awards – Nokia Theatre (Dressing Rooms Coordinator
BET Awards – The Shrine Auditorium (Dressing Rooms Coordinator)
Radio Personality – Magic 1340 AM (Lancaster, CA)
Executive Producer – Gospel Jubilee – Palmdale Playhouse (Concert Series)
Project Coordinator – Agape Community Church Children’s Choir (Music CD)
Executive Producer – Watchman: Tales of Blood & Fire – The Soundtrack (Music CD)
Founder/Executive Producer –Jam Fest (Annual Concert)


Co-Executive Producer – An Evening with Vickie Winans – Lancaster Performing Arts Center
Executive Producer –“The Odyssey” – InterSeed (Music Video)
Radio personality/DJ – Bomb Radio 95.9 FM


Entertainment Committee Chairperson – Community Day Los Angeles County (Provided food and clothing to over 10,000 people in need.)


Department Director of Music – The SK Journal-Shiloah-Kerygma Christian Ministries (magazine)
Songwriter/Producer/Artist – InterSeed – “My Flesh-My Uniform” (Music CD)
Founder/Executive Producer – The Matrix (A monthly concert series)
Publisher – Watchman: Tales of Blood & Fire – Comic Book
Radio personality/DJ – Permanent Radio (Internet Radio)


Founder/Executive Producer – The Street Gospel Expo (Annual concert) ’04 -Current
Documentary Score – “The Only Sign One Need on the Street” – Assimilated Media
Executive Producer/Director/Editor–“Grand Nationals” (Music Video)
Songwriter/Producer/Artist –Neva Secula – “A Cold Piece of Work” (Music CD)


Executive Producer/Studio Engineer –Street Gospel Volume 1 (Music CD)


Executive Producer/Studio Engineer – Permanent Muzik the Compilation (Music CD)

Contact: Permanent Muzik
PO Box 5221
Lancaster, CA 93539
Phone: (661) 728-6936
Fax: (661) 946-3236

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