Miami Recording Artist, Mousey Releases Brand New Single,''2 Da Face''

Mousey is a Colombian-American songwriter/recording artist from Miami Beach FL. Mousey began writting lyrics at 12-13 years old. He started recording his first songs at 17 and then started recording more frequently from 18 - 21 years old during the time he was part of a local collective of various artists that were being provided with studio time and a few showcases from time to time. However once that assemblement fell apart, he was not working on any music consistently for some time. Only going into the studio every so often with musical colleges of his for collaborative records. In 2012, Mousey got back in the studio this time to actually complete a project with his group (We/Hi Clic) titled 'The Clictape' which was released on November 2015. Just one year later, Mousey would become a victim to an armed robbery and severe gunshot injury that kept him from walking for almost 4 months. After getting back on his feet, Mousey has gotten back in the studio and been consistently releasing more solo content on his Youtube channel since April 2017. He is simultaneously working on his debut solo project/mixtape 'Return of The First'. Mousey is still collaborating with his group members and other local independent Miami artists who are on the same grind as well. Mousey states he was very inspired by the artistry of such artists as Eminem, Tech N9ne, Bone Thugs N' Harmony & Three 6 Mafia amongst many other artists he also grew up admiring for their dual blends of content with sound-style. When asked, Mousey stated that if he had a mission with music it would be to share his god given talent with a public who can can connect, appreciate and feel a profound experience of entertainment and inspiration; as hip hop music did for him at his novice stage of adolescence. Instagram: @freakycheeze Email:
Check out ''2 Da Face'' by Mousey:

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