Musician's Tips for Self-Promotion by Linda Fullerton

1. Copyright all your music with the

Library of Congress and then register it

with ASCAP or BMI. (,,


2. Take all your music and record it on

CD. Tapes are fast becoming obsolete in

the industry.


3. Convert your music from CD to

MP3 files and register on as many MP3

sites as you can find.


4. Invest in some CD burning software

(Adaptec EZ CD Creator and CD EX) and

a CD burner for your computer and if you

don't have a computer invest in one of

those too.


5. Make a "greatest hits" type of demo

showcasing a variety of your work, putting

your strongest songs first on the CD.


6. Make sure to put your contact information

(phone, website, e-mail, address)

on EVERYTHING you do.


7. Create a press kit (a musical resume),

mentioning all past musical experience.

Add any clippings of articles etc

that have been written about you or your

music and get a nice photo of

yourself/your band taken and a copy of

your latest CD. Make it professional, creative

and colorful. This is a must-have

tool to get gigs, radio play and record

deals. You are asking people to hire you

and since there is tons of competition out

there you want to make the best impression

you can.


8. The Internet is an incredible marketing

tool. Create an easy-to-load informative

Web site with music and band

pictures and then make sure to put the

URL on everything you can think of.

There are also tons of free Internet sites,

including the RMC Web site, to put up information

and promote your music. Use

as many of them as possible.


9. Make an e-mail list form to have at

shows for people to sign up to know

where you will be playing in the future.


10. Make up schedules/flyers to hand

out at shows letting people know where

you are going to be playing next and also

list major events that you have performed

at in the past--this looks impressive

to your audience and acts as another

form of musical resume which also can be

included in your press kit. Make sure all

contact information is clearly visible on

these schedules.


11. Get your fans to work for you--

handing out schedules or flyers at shows,

putting up posters, selling CD's and helping

you promote the band. Recruit a fan

or family member who is passionate

about what you do to help "sell" you or

your band to the rest of the world!


12. Run (or surf) to the nearest bookstore

and buy the following: Musician's

Atlas (, The Musician's

Guide to Touring and Promotion

(, and All You

Need to Know About the Music Business

by Donald Passman.


13. Go to the National Association for

Campus Activities Web site

( and locate a NACA booking

agent in your area. They are your

ticket to the playing the college circuit--

this is where the money is!


14. Get your music and press kits to

radio stations and newspapers and flyers/

posters to the venues you are going

to play well in advance of any scheduled

performances you have booked.


15. Network and swap gigs with other

musicians--a very good way to increase

your fan base.


Remember one thing above all else:

you can be the greatest band in the world

but if nobody knows who you are, you

will be playing for your family and friends

for the rest of your life. The music industry

is a business and you have to market

yourself accordingly. 

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