Insomnia Music  partners with Death Chamberz Music present Jakob22

 Check Out Jakob22 new Video

The Master Builder - Jakob22, Presents SleepWalker - A Tale Of Insomnia


Video Direct By Blind Swordsman and Death Chamberz Music

From Jakob22 new album Dreamstate 2: THe REM Effect   - Song and Dreamstate Album is avail as FREE DOWNLOAD!!



Also Check out the new single "My Sins" by Jakob22 feature PeepSho ( Video Coming Soon)




The Dreamstate Part2 – R.E.M Effect

 with special guests J Reno The Sadist, Lord Lhus, Savage Brothers, Peepsho, Frostbitten and Swann Ill Rock…. the 22 takeover continues...


Download the album @  


*Feb 2011*

Angels & Demons by Jakob22 

Produced by Slantize


*March 2011*

Our Father by Jakob22

Produced by Smoke

*April 2011  *

Surrounded by Jakob22 Featuring PsychWard, and Peep Sho  

Produced by Jay Nice

DIrected by Concrete FIlms

*May 2011*

Fake Featuring Shallow Pockets of PsychWard

 Produced by Myndz Eye Productions

DIrected by Concrete FIlms

*November 2011*

Night Terrors

Produced by Hala X  

Directed by Concrete Films

December 2011

Stand A CHance by Jakob22 featuring J. Reno  

Produced by Myndz Eye Productions

Directed by Concrete Films

Feb 2012

The Fang 2  

Directed by Concrete Films

March 2012

Childs Prison by Jakob22  



Download Volume 1 and 2 of Dreamstate at


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