Philadelphia Native "Philly Dee" Is The Tri-States New Link to Entertainment - MAJOR MOVES INSIDE!!!!! - In an era where Rapping, Producing, and DJ'ing is the new hustle, "Philly Dee" is making a name for himself using a different approach - THE RAPHEAD MEMBER MODEL. As a "Host/Promoter/Agent" Philly Dee has managed to work his way to the top gun in Eastern Ohio, Northern West Virgina, and Western PA. Philly started hosting local artists shows within the Rochester, PA and Midland areas. Rockin' shows at Armando's and keeping the crowd entertained throughout the artists performances can be a challenge, but Philly Dee found a way to keep the crowd entertained and coming back for more. After larger pay days and energized crowds, Philly needed to come up with a exit strategy to move from the small town crowds to more larger city party goers!! With the ambition of wanting to break into a larger market Philly Dee set out to look for a larger venue that would allow him to host bigger shows and bring in larger crowds. It was at this time when Philly reached out to RapHead with his vision to take the game by storm! One month later RapHead booked Philadelphia Freeway and Philly Dee was perfectly positioned to welcome the opportunity to host the show!!


Hosting and promoting shows for MAJOR ARTISTS like Cleveland Hometown Hero, MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) prior to the FREEWAY show - Dee had officially arrived!!! Philly was able to lock down the town of Chester and surrounding areas as the new "host with the most" on the block. The venue held a total capacity of nearly 1200 people and came equipped with poles, multiple bars, and dance floors and everything a promoter/host needs to propel himself to the top of his game.



Being in Chester, WV the competition was slim which gave Philly the lane to open the market up and make the people scream, "Yeaaaaaaaaaahhhh" After the FREEWAY show Philly had built everything he needed to show other night spots in the area the was an earner. Soon Philly would lock down, Velocity, Blue Steel, and take on requests to host events in New Castle, PA like "Changes" and more - SHOWTIME!!!




On June 29th, Philly Dee is set to host RapHead's follow up event to FREEWAY's Friday Night Lights. He will be taking on Gia Bianca from Season 8 of the Bad Girls Club. This show will feature beautiful women, RapHead Members, and Indie Artists from the Tri-State Area!! Philly is locked and loaded and expects to take Velocity to the next level of providing safe and welcoming nightlife entertainment!!



Click to Listen >>>>> BAD GIRLS GONE WILD EVENT DETAILS! Click to Listen


Philly Dee is getting it done and his work ethic combined with his will to win shows what can come of utilizing the RapHead Network to help boost your personal and professional accomplishments. Philly Dee will continue to work closely with RapHead founder Jay "New Money" Johnson to make strategic moves and penetrate city markets across the East Coast. This is just another example of how RapHead helps its members get to where they want to be and finding ways for them to get it done. We hope that all of our members continue to find a benefit in the RapHead business model. - KEEP IT LOCKED YALL!!!!


Make sure you follow Philly on Twitter @DeePhillyDee and Facebook under "Dee Davis".



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