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Marijuana Mogul Ed Forchion Goes 4/20 Crypto During Miami Tech Month Releasing His NJWeedman NFT Collection

Miami, FL - With a marijuana themed empire based in Trenton, NJ and Miami, FL, marijuana mogul, activist and gangapreneur, Ed “NJWeedman” Forchion, is blowing smoke into higher realms. Forchion is releasing his NJWeedman NFT Collection during Miami…


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Newport Savy - "Demons & Angels 2"

Newport Savy’s latest album Demons & Angels 2 is the second installment project under the “Demons & Angels” chronicle that released on February 26th 2022. Newport Savy delivers his raw background and describes his battles within himself between good and evil. “Trying to…


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$umo Lit connects with 4 & 4DHLou in his new single 'Itz Lit'

The city of Houston has always had dope artists that go hard for the hip hop culture. Whether its female or male Houston consistently puts artists in the forefront where you must pay attention.

This time around Houston Texas gave us 4DHouse Entertainment artist $umo Lit who is currently on fire in his city. Locking in with Producer Cool Azz…


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[New Music] SuperSport feat. Rufus Blaq - Certified

Born and raised in Ohio, USA SuperSport was always fixated on music, having always been one to appreciate and respect the art form. SuperSport found himself taking on the craft while the rest remains history.

Growing up, SuperSport was heavily influenced by the likes of E40, Master P, Brian Williams (Birdman) both…


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P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest - “About Time”

Rising artist P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest just dropped a hot new album in collaboration with Los Musick. “About Time” features 8 hit singles and is packed with heat! This is definitely one of the hottest albums of 2022! If you don’t know P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest, get familiar with him now because he’s quickly rising…


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8BitJ - "Tokyo 8"

8BitJ’s new album Tokyo 8 is a deep dive into the life and mind of 8BitJ trying to escape the pressures of home, Using his raw truth and story telling along with unique beats and lyrics to give you a vivid experience and look behind the mask …


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EAZY - Trap Hard"

EAZY was raised on the northside of Atlanta in Marietta ga..even tho EAZY grew up in the south his music influences were mainly Eminem and Jay a young age EAZY gravitated towards the streets learning how to hustle to make ends meat and to help his grandmother who raised him with things around the house. Even tho music was…


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15 Minutes Of Fame - Life With Karissa

 Miami, Florida Mar 5, 2021 ( - As a maker of catchy hip-hop music, artist $hadow delves into the realities of his life and other intriguing things to curate his songs that hit at one instance. The talented musician follows no rules to dictate his authority on the genre and effortlessly comes up with new styles and…


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Wave Sinatra - The ProTestimony Feat. Ed Washington II x Erikstotle

 Wave Sinatra is an aspiring artist born and raised in Alaska. The artist name derives from from the idea of “waves” being known as deep, momentum driven, and always in control no matter how many highs or lows are present in the current. “Sinatra” creates lineage between the mogul Frank being portrayed as classical and smooth.…


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M3xico Trill - "SAD"

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Project88Icon - “Glizzy”

With the combination of impassioned delivery and hard-hitting lyrics Project88Icon has done his part to turn heads to the talent that this city has to offer for the past year. As an independent recording artist Project88Icon is proving that he is a force within the industry and here to stay. With his unique style of creating…


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KLRYXO x BigBone x Kid Bopz - "TillaGoinIn"

North West Florida Based artist and producer. Pronounced Kilroy. You take the vowels out and then you add the XO.

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Feezle Man - "After Party"

Feezle Man is an artist out of Federal Way, Washington (20 minutes South of Seattle). Home of the Seahawks, the former basketball team the SuperSonics, Lil Mosey, Macklemore, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, And the list goes on. Feezle Man has mastered making bangers that resemble a west coast Bay Area sound. Feezle Man also has mastered…


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Don Mozart - "I'm About"

 Don Mozart is introduced to music aficionados everywhere with his debut track “All In”, a masterfully styled production which lures the listener into the realm of sophistication, elaborateness and the undeniable dark undertones of modern nightlife. Although the music is categorized as Hip Hop/Trap,…


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Foolish - "It's My Time"

Foolish is independent artist who been making waves with his reality music. Speaking on poverty and violence in the hood based on his surroundings. He relates to everyday people keeping real with deep songs about real topics also energetic and funny. He caters to all hiphop fans around the world repping ft Lauderdale…


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Benny The Butcher Butchers Tye Harris’ Name

Benny the Butcher made mention of this phenom during a recent interview with Ebro Darden. But he called him Tye Ferris and not Tye Harris. Though it was an honest mistake it led viewers to wonder, Who Is Tye…


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Moonrock Mont - "Spaceship Pimpin"

After getting cosigned by Busta Rhymes, Moonrock Mont is staying consistent by dropping some wavy visuals! Moonrock Mont came a long way from Dallas, Tx and started making big moves in L.A. His sound is one of a kind, but is definitely a vibe. Be sure to check out his “Planet Moonrock” EP. It contains 3…


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Eze Francis - "Made Men"

 Eze Francis just released a dope new single titled "Made Men”. His new song talks about the trials and tribulations of coming from the bottom and making it out. Rules to the streets and how to move with honor and respect. Check it out now along with his latest release "Know Me". Make sure you follow Eze…


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Lee Charm Releases New Video for “Alone” on Sony Orchard

Singer and songwriter Lee Charm releases his new video for his single “Alone” on Sony Orchard!  This Hip-Hop/R&B infused track is packed with a smooth bass, catchy lyrics and a…


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Semme Da Addy, Lon Don (Official Music Video)

Semme Da Addy, Lon Don (Official Music Video)

Independent record labels CLR Music Group, LLC & Mack 9 Music Group, LLC present "Semme Da Addy'' by South Side, Chicago artists Lon Don official music video. Lon Don is a songwriter, producer and entrepreneur. Lon…


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