Audio Stepchild – Every Coincidence Has a Mixtape (Mixtape)

1 Intro: The Black Hotel f. Roc Raida
2 Sofa Bed f. B. Stille (of Nappy Roots)
3 Summer In The City f. Papa Rue and Bondz of Bigfoot & Bondz
4 Atlas Jenkins And The Piccadilly Cactus
5 The Duel After The Masquerade
6 Can’t Shake These Ghosts… f. KingCo & Smoove Gotti
7 When Will We Be Paid? f. Prince
8 Lace Up Your Skyscrapers
9 Call Me Blondie f. Smartzee and Seven
10 Last Day of Summer f. Nasim
11 Bobo’s Magic Taxi f. Family Business
12 Behind These Shades f. Illuminati Sky
13 The Reason Behind Ruth Seamonds
14 Every Coincidence Is Significant f. MC Breed
15 Day After Day f. Tha Chill from Compton’s Most Wanted
16 Leaving You Tomorrow f. Staxx N Waxx
17 Watchoutboy (The Grand Finale) f. Jayo Felony, Knoc-turn’al, Sly Boogy, Ms Toi, Charlie Clips, Wickham, Noah Jones, Jimmy 2Tymes, Slimm Calhoun, BlackOwned C-Bone
18 Outro: The Rajah And The Builder f. Dust

Download: Audio Stepchild – Every Coincidence Has a Mixtape (Mixtape)

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