It has always been a mission of ours at UPN6XT to harness and amplify the voices of young talent in the music industry. We started out in 2015 as a party promotion company but as our popularity grew, so did our vision. Since then, we have evolved into a platform that offers the artist 360 degree representation through our online presence on social media, a record label and our advertising agency.

Over the years, we’ve organized multiple showcases and parties to bring artists exposure to new opportunities through collaborations, networking and growth in their fan bases. We also provide artists with opportunities to grow on a personal level through our numerous seminars, educational content, books and licensing. As part of the plan to push our vision and reach even further, we are set to launch the UPN6XT Hip Hop Awards show to celebrate our homegrown artists. As a team, we’ve watched them grow in their artistry and come into their own and we believe that recognition on this level will inspire artists to stay motivated.

The award show started accepting submissions back in April 2021, we have about 11 awards categories for the show and the artists submitted their work prior to the voting process, which started in June. The nominees will be revealed and announced in the month of July.

As part of the groundwork to be done for the show, we will begin shooting the performances at the end of June and the award show will be broadcasted on our YouTube channel on August 7th, 2021. In addition to the award show, UPN6XT has arranged a music business conference in Toronto with the mandate to teach independent artists and creatives about the music business, from a panel of certified industry professionals. This is an added incentive to be used to generate a buzz around the show as it will be free to attend for all participants of the award show; it is scheduled to hold in October, 2021.

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