Hailing outta Farrockaway Queens Kidrock Dollaz. The queens based MC has a style heavily reminiscent of ’90s New York hardcore rap, while sounding fresh enough to compete with the contemporary hip-hop landscape. Kidrock would find his inspiration in local artist such as stack bundles and chinx drugz. Nicknamed Dollaz as a child. He would later add kidrock no relation to the country singer Im just Kid From The Rock He would say. He is destined for fame with his hard hitting lyricism and soulful flow. His soulful flow might come from his mom who is a singer herself and has worked with some of todays biggest acts in hiphop. With his newly entitled E.P " It Is What It Is" Kidrock dollaz ryhmes his gritty voice over classic samples telling the story of young men raised in the streets of farrockaway queens. A pure lyricist with a touch of todays style Kidrock resonates with todays culture while still giving you a classic feel that only the true lyricist in hip hop would appreciate.
IG: @TheKidRockDollaz

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