My New Plug owner Bing talks about his secrets to success and making over $100k/year after starting his own marketing agency

Dedicating his career to uniting and building upon the entertainment industry, My New Plug owner Bing works to assist a variety of entertainers in carving their own path to success.

Beyond helping music artists build their careers, Bing works to implement a strong mindset into each of his clients as many aspiring musicians face life difficulties that can deter them from fully chasing their dreams. Bing’s focus on providing artists the right mindset ultimately helps them to start generating income and having more peace as he explains, “I teach them the tricks and tips of money-making so that they can achieve different things and fund their music career.”

My New Plug was transformed into a full media and marketing platform after the company’s official website was set up, which created a place for Bing to offer free artist promotions. Many major artists including E-40 and his roster of stars have gone on to work with Bing and My New Plug on strategic ad campaigns. As an entrepreneur, Bing also specializes in marketing services like Facebook and Spotify advertising as well as organizing email blasts and more.

By laying out simple steps to a new direction, Bing and My New Plug make it easy and enjoyable for artists to connect and grow via their platform. Upon his first meeting with a client, Bing has a genuine conversation that guides potential artists towards readjusting their mindset about life and other specific areas so that they will start to strive more.

In regards to the first pitfall that Bing finds many artists falling into, he states, “Artists are not reaching their goals because they are letting go of their desire for it. They might think they have the desire to do it, but there are other things that they desire more that aren’t beneficial.” While Bing admits that he is currently searching for new ways of implementing free marketing techniques that are attractive to aspiring music artists, he largely credits his ability to redirect an artists’ mental space as a contributing element to clients growth under My New Plug.

One of Bing’s major goals when working with his artists is to help them see the value in collaborating with one another. In fact, My New Plug can easily be described as a group of coworking independent artists as Bing states, “I’m building a community of unity. There’s too much competition between local and independent artists for a spot at the label when they could be cross-promoting and making money together.” With hopes of steadily increasing the number of artists within his collective in the future, Bing has expansive plans to work with all areas of entertainment. Bing best describes the span of My New Plug when stating, “My business is not just for artists, but for anybody.”

Written by Quin Stanley @CheckInWithQuin

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