The modern era of music has given way to enigmas and artists of all shapes and forms who break the norm of what we have come to expect as far as what an artist truly is. V Squad is one such artist that epitomizes the essence of the modern era. He is a multi-talented vocalist and rapper born and raised in Houston, TX. V Squad is making music driven by a desire to motivate, inspire, comfort, and spread love and joy to all those who hear it.

Born Vernon Hudson, he is a loving and committed husband and father of 4. His family is integral not only in his career but also in his story and music. V Squad is the embodiment of originality and uses his experiences and musical acumen to create an amalgamated and original sound.

V Squad has had a vast array of musical influences however he accredits the pivotal influences and inspiration in his life to Prince, Earth Wind & Fire, The Isley Brothers, Anita Baker, Jay-Z, Nas, AZ, The Roots, Outkast, Pac, Biggie, Common, and H-Town legend Scarface. This all culminates in V Squad producing an enjoyable, easy-going musical experience but also authentic and grounded in reality. It is music that is relatable to people and infused with positive energy to allow for an immersive experience that brings feelings of elation and happiness. His overarching ambition is to continue being authentic and true to himself while telling his story in his very own creative and artistic way and to create something that's different unique and memorable.
V Squad has previously featured on BET’s 106 & Park Freestyle Friday and opened up for acts such as Royce Da 5’9, J. Cole, Common, Bun B, and Redman, and R&B singer Mya. He currently has 9 singles and 2 albums in his repertoire most notably “Seek Ye 1st The Kingdom” (2018), “VII” (2019) which is a project that is a dedication to his wife, and their beautiful family. He also released "Mission" and "Pray, Then Go Hard" (2020) and then "Amen", "Rainy Days" and "Kingdom Talk" (2021). He will be releasing his latest EP dubbed “Kingdom Talk Vol. 1” which will showcase his lyricism in a uniquely constructed piece of musical artistry. The EP has a focus on spreading the message of salvation and righteous living to all those that hear it. His sound exhibits his versatility and prowess and will surely cement his style as well as pave the way for the varied expressions of his musical ideas and artistic craft.

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